Landscape Lead Hand

Landscape Lead Hand

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⚡[NEW HOT JOB: Landscape Crew Leader]

We are looking for skilled Landscape Crew Leader in Mississauga Ontario! Please see details below:

Full Time, Permanent

Payrate of Landscape Crew Lead:

  • $25- 30/ hour (let us know your desired rate!)


  • 7AM- 3PM; days may be longer or shorter depending on the job
  • Monday to Friday


  • Responsible for landscaping duties during spring, summer and fall seasons including, but not limited to:
  • Spread top soil, lay sod, plant flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Cut grass, rake, fertilize and water lawns, weed gardens, prune shrubs and trees.
  • Operate and maintain power motors, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, pruning saws and other landscape maintenance equipment.
  • Responsible for snow removal duties during winter seasons.
  • Plow and shovel residential and commercial buildings.


  • Must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Landscape Lead.
  • Previous experience driving truck with landscaping trailer attached.
  • Proficient in various landscaping maintenance equipment.
  • Valid driver’s license is required.
Job Summary

Firstly, we are looking for a reliable and seasoned Landscape Lead Hand in Mississauga Ontario! The payrate is based on experience; $25 to $30 per hour. Kindly let us know your desired rate when applying! The hours are 7AM- 3PM, Monday to Friday. Due to the nature of the position, days may be longer or shorter depending on distance and time spent at the job site.

Secondly, this landscaping company completes exterior landscape services such as landscape maintenance, interlocking, irrigation, tree services, pest/ weed removal, snow removal and ice management. Therefore, the ideal candidate must have proven experience in a similar environment and proficient in various maintenance tools and equipment. As this position is full time, permanent- we are looking for dedicated, long- term workers.

Lastly, the ideal candidate must have a valid driver’s license, and leadership experience. It is the responsibility of the lead hand to comfortably oversee 4 to 5 employees when the Owner of the company is not present. The requirement is to arrive at the Staff meetup and the crew will be driven to service areas around Mississauga and the GTA; therefore a valid Driver’s License is required. Please note, all equipment and tools are provided by the Company.

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