How fast can I expect candidates?

The Elite Jobs’ team typically vets and presents qualifying candidates within 24 hours or less within agreement signage. Please note however, external circumstances or factors may alter candidate submissions.

Is the identity of my business protected?

We understand the sensitivity of recruitment. Therefore, due to confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose the name or address of the companies represented until an interview is requested by the employer with the specific candidate(s).

What type of employees will the Elite Jobs’ team provide?

All employees offered by the Elite Jobs team are legally entitled to work in Canada. Additionally, all candidates will possess relevant experience, education or other requirements outlined by the client. Each candidate that has been submitted for a position is interested in long term employment; and is aware of the job details (job description, general location and compensation rates/ ranges).

Do all candidates go through the screening process?

Absolutely. All candidates that are recommended to our clients have undergone a thorough screening and evaluation process. This ensures that each candidate qualifies as per the client’s standards and is considered an initial fit for the position.

Where do you get your candidates?

The Elite Jobs’ team prides itself on its various rigorous recruitment methods. Our candidate pools are generated from in-house professional systems, as well as a multitude of online programs and platforms. Our pool is continuously growing and expanding with skillsets from across all industries. Additionally, Elite Jobs attracts quality, organic resume submissions through our strong online presence and search engine optimization initiatives. The Elite Jobs team has unique and innovative strategies that allow us to attract the right type of talent necessary for your business.


Who is my employer?

Elite Jobs does not hold accountability or any legal obligation as your Employer. Your Employer is deemed to be the company that offers you a formal employment contract through the Elite Jobs platform.

I submitted my resume, why haven’t I heard back?

Only those candidates who have been selected to proceed in the recruitment process will be contacted. Should 24 hours pass and you have not yet heard back from an Elite Recruiter, please call (647) 381-7822 to inquire about the status of your application.

Who can apply for jobs through the Elite Jobs website?

All candidates must be legally entitled to work in Canada. Therefore, applicants must either be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or hold current and valid authorization to engage in employment through the Elite Jobs platform.

Will Elite Jobs take a cut of my pay/ salary?

No. Elite Jobs is a third party contractor and does not have access to your personal banking or financial information. Elite Jobs services are completely free for job seekers.