Recruit Employees During COVID (THE Right Way!)

It is undeniable that since COVID began, our world (and lives) have completed shifted. This has been evident, especially throughout the business world. Companies- both big and small- are forced to adapt in order to survive. As a result, there have been many changes in business practices, strategies and processes. Due to this, many companies have placed recruitment aside. True; there are other areas of focus during a pandemic. However, abandoning recruitment during a pandemic, is also a missed opportunity. A missed opportunity, that may cost you in the long- run. Therefore, this article is your ultimate CHEAT SHEET that explores how to recruit employees during COVID (The RIGHT way!).

We understand that the workplace dynamic has shifted. From implementing new strategies throughout the workplace; to adjusting business practices during COVID. It can be chaotic and it can be a lot to handle alone. We want to offer you some guidance to ensure you and your business, are set up for success and ahead of the hiring game; both during and after the pandemic!

Recruit Employees During COVID: The Fundamentals

In order to recruit employees during COVID the right way, there are 2 crucial principles we must explore. They are:

  • Candidate Trends and;
  • Interview and Onboarding Processes

Understanding the shifts within these key principles will allow you to recruit employees during COVID (the right way!)

Candidate Trends

Having a tough time recruiting? Give us a shout. We’d hate to see another business struggle throughout the pandemic.

Firstly, we need to understand candidate trends. Candidate trends better help us determine what recruitment approach your business should take. Businesses need to understand, first and foremost: employees are scared. Scared of this uncertain economic period; a potential threat to their job security. This fear will hinder an employee’s ability to look for new employment. To put it simply: employees are NOT actively looking for work. HOWEVER, they are open to entertain BETTER job opportunities. Essentially, they’re window shoppers. They’re comfortable with what they have, but are curious to see what’s out there.

Why is that?

Because the pandemic has made Canadian’s realize what is truly important: family. Employees are beginning to challenge their expectations; and as a result have begun to deconstruct the typical work- space dynamic. Having the ability to work from home due to COVID restrictions have allows workers to gain a better work/ life balance. The shift from in office to remote work has made life more flexible for employees- and they want to retain this shift. In fact, a study shows one in five Canadians want to return to their pre- COVID 19 office set up.

Offer Remote Work Throughout COVID

employees working remote
Did you know: about 4 out of 10 Canadian workers are in jobs that can plausibly be completed at home.

What does this mean for businesses looking to hire? That offering an option for remote work is the best way to increase your candidate pool. Now, of course this doesn’t apply to all sectors of industry. The best remote work industries are in Information Technology, Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, Administration, Marketing, and HR to name a few.

If fully remote is not possible, then perhaps offer a more flexible work schedule. It’s all about offering options. Providing options to your candidates in selecting their schedules and hours elevates the hiring experience. People who are satisfied with their hiring experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. Additionally, allowing candidates to have more control over their work schedules shows trust. Using trust as a foundation to build rapport with candidates increases the likelihood the employee will not only accept your job offer; but stay long- term! Even if the candidate doesn’t accept your job offer- applicants are more than twice likely to recommend your business to others. This increases your candidate pool with candidates you’re more likely interested in hiring on! Sounds like a win- win to me!

Adjust Compensation Packages Throughout COVID

recruit employees during covid by offering attractive compensation packages

You’re probably thinking… but if employees are already working remote at their current jobs, and they’re scared to lose job security; why would they make the switch?

Psychologically, humans have a drive to advance themselves. They want to do better so that they feel valued. When assessing a job, if the reward is greater than the risk- then an employee is more likely to accept that position. And after the second lockdown, the fear of corona is slowly dwindling. People are beginning to realize, the show essentially must go on. Pandemic or not, we need jobs. And we need to feel comfortable in ALL aspects of our positions; regardless of any external factors. Therefore, if the total job package makes sense; and the culture is fit (and secure) for the candidate, they will absolutely accept your job offer.

What does this mean for businesses looking to hire? They need to adjust their compensation packages appropriately to attract candidates to their positions.

How do we decide on an attractive compensation package?

We need to analyze the market and identify what other businesses in your industry are offering, for the same position you are hiring for. Remember, COVID has increased various industry payrates on the market. Once we gather the average payrate within your region, we are able to make an informed decision of what pay rate will be more desirable over your competitors. Factoring in other variables such as benefits and other perks also applies when deciding on the pay scale. Friendly reminder: if you do not remain within competitive pay ranges, your job posting will receive the least amount of interest. You will also have a higher chance of receiving interest from candidates who are not a fit.

Confused? That’s okay! That’s what we’re here for. The Elite Jobs’ team act as your advisors, and will conduct a job analysis on your behalf for FREE! We want to ensure that your job post is not only most visible, but THE most applied to. Contact us by filling out this quick form, and we’ll complete the analysis in UNDER 5 minutes, for FREE!

Once you’ve confirmed an attractive total compensation package, let’s post a job ad and wait for the resume submissions to flood in!

…not exactly.

Remember I mentioned employees aren’t ACTIVELY looking for work. Well then, what do we do now? How do we get employees to start applying to my job?!

Now, more than ever is the best time to utilize a staffing agency’s networks, connections, and expertise.


We are noticing a trend where organic resume submissions are on the decline. It is up to us to go out and seek the employees we are looking for. However, running a business- we both know this takes time and effort that can be allocated elsewhere. Let the Elite Jobs’ Team get the employees you are looking for, FAST and PAINLESS. Click HERE to book a quick call! We are experts in finding you candidates based on your expected qualifications through our specialized searches.

Interview and Onboarding Process

recruit employees during covid virtually throughout the interview process

Last but not least, we have recognized a shift in the Interview and Onboarding process. Understanding these processes will create efficiency in the candidate to employee transition.

Interviews Throughout COVID

Firstly, Due to COVID, many candidates and employers are opting for virtual interviews versus in- person, to limit contact and reduce the risk. Aside from that, there are benefits to virtual interview for both the employer and candidate.


Employer Benefits of virtual interviews
  • Candidates have greater availability for interview dates
  • Time saving; conduct interviews faster using online video platforms
  • No user cost
Employee Benefits Of Virtual Interviews
  • Convenient; don’t have to miss work to interview
  • Travel saving; don’t have to drive to location of interview
  • No user cost

Of course, there are some drawback such as connectivity issues, performance pressure and lag time. However, these are minor issues that may be easily resolved. For employers or candidates who are not familiar with online video platforms such as Zoom or Skype, I would strongly suggest learning how to utilize their platforms effectively and confidently prior to a confirmed online interview date.

Onboarding Throughout COVID

Recruit employees during covid through online onboarding programs

Secondly, the onboarding process in terms of training has also been limited, due to contact. Therefore, training has also been converted to online learning. It is important to note, Training cannot be completed as in-depth as before (such as one on one training or shadowing opportunities). Therefore, companies are looking to hire more seasoned and experienced professionals. This allows the company to confidently trust in the new hire’s experience, while offering an online onboarding program to introduce them into their role.

Therefore, it is crucial for the online onboarding program to seamlessly assimilate the new hire to the company. There are various HR Software that can help you complete the following onboarding requirements such as:

  • Document Management
  • Electronic Forms
  • Employee Handbook
  • Orientation Workflow Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Task Management and;
  • Training Management

A great platform I suggest looking into is BambooHR, if you aren’t utilizing an onboarding program already. Alternatively, compare different onboarding programs HERE and decide what program would work best for you!

Pro Tip: host a online video meeting to introduce the new hire to the rest of the team! You will want to take extra steps to ensure the new employee feels welcome in a virtual setting. This will ensure employee rapport, satisfaction and retention! Check out some video call icebreakers that you can include when introducing a new employee!

Conclusion: Recruit Employees During COVID

In conclusion, in order to recruit employees during COVID the right way, there are 2 crucial principles we must explore. They are:

  • Candidate Trends and;
  • Interview and Onboarding Processes

Throughout these uncertain circumstances, one thing is certain. With time and patience, we will grow stronger as a society and as an economy. As long as businesses adapt to this temporary new norm, and approach recruitment as an investment to a prosperous future, the business world (and YOUR business most importantly) will continue to thrive.

Hiring throughout COVID? What is your biggest challenge, currently? Drop a comment BELOW!

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