2 Employment Job Search Tips You NEED to Succeed!


You are looking for a new job. You are a salesman looking for work because you are looking for more growth in sales. Unfortunately, your current company is downsizing and are unable to offer you growth. You decide that it is time to begin your job search.

Before you decide your job search, read the Elite Job’s 3 employment job search tips to maximize your job search.

2 Tips for Job Seach

The Elite Jobs Team has created 2 Tips on conducting a proper job search. Following these guidelines, you will be successful in efficiently applying to positions that you are happy with.

The 2 employment job search tips are:

  1. Determine your working standards prior to applying.
  2. Exhaust all job search outlets.

Determine Your Working Standards prior to Job Search

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Remember, your work standards should be mutually beneficial to you and the company. Take time to think about what factors you are able to be flexible with. Also, think about what factors you are unable to be flexible with.

Firstly, determine your working standards prior to applying. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many hours am I willing to work?
  • What shifts am I able to work?
  • When are you available to begin work?
  • What distance am I willing to travel for work?


Determine what hours you are willing to work. Are you looking for part time, or full time hours? Would you be willing to work overtime?

Having an open and flexible schedule helps. It shows initiative when an employee willingly stays a little later to help the company out. However, if you have a restricted time frame where you are unable to have a flexible schedule, apply to positions that solidify concrete working hours.

Pro Tip: when job postings specify that overtime is available, that usually indicates that candidates should have an open and flexible availability.


Similarly, determine what shifts you are willing to work. Are you looking for Day, Afternoon, or Night shifts? Are you looking to work from Monday to Friday, Rotating or Continental? There are many shift options available, it is helpful to look into what works best with your lifestyle.


Reflect on when you are available to begin work. Be mindful, Recruiters and Hiring Managers are very responsive to qualified resume submissions. Expect a call shortly after applying.

It is important to determine how soon you are willing to start work. If you are looking for secure work in the future, apply closer to the date of your start availability. For example, if you are in the process of moving, apply a week prior to your availability.

If you are available immediately, Recruiters and Hiring Managers will understand if you would like to give your current employer notice prior to leaving.


Lastly, decide how comfortable you are with commuting to work. Are you looking for local work? Do you prefer to work from home? Or perhaps you prefer working out of town?

Understanding your commuting distance will help you in applying for jobs that will increase your chances of staying with the company. If you are uncomfortable with highway driving or a longer commute, you will want to look for local job postings. From personal recruitment experience, the number one reason why employees look for new work is due to distance.

Notes on Job Search Efficiency

All job posting specify what the hours and shifts are for the position. These are none negotiable, unless specified. In order for your job search to be efficient, ensure you are applying to the postings with the hours and shifts you are available for.

Other Factors to Consider for Job Search

Prior to applying for a position, read the posting thoroughly. Think about what factors would entice you to stay with a company. Are you looking for an attractive bonus structure? Or perhaps the company health insurance and benefits is most appealing to you. Take time to browse what company is able to offer the total compensation package that best benefits you.

If you apply to positions where the compensation package does not appeal to you, the likelihood of you working for that company long-term is low. Think long term when applying for positions!

Exhaust All Job Search Outlets

Applying for jobs online is the most common practice. However, there are other options beyond job boards. If you are looking for local job postings, give the company’s Human Resource department a call. Human Resources may provide you with a more direct way to apply for the position.

Secondly, exhaust all job search options when applying. Do not stop your search with just one employment search engine. Indeed is a fantastic resource to browse job listings online for larger companies. On the other hand, not all companies use online job boards. Smaller Companies may advertise by road signs, radio and paper ads. When you exhaust all job search options, you will be more successful with choosing the company that is the best fit. Do not limit yourself!

Elite Jobs’ Job Board

As part of your job search, browse the Elite Jobs’ Job Board as well. The Elite Jobs’ Team work with both small and large companies, startups, as well as local businesses. The Elite Jobs’ Job Board offers a variation of positions. Ranging from a broad spectrum of industries, offering both part time and full time work. In Addition, all of our jobs offered are Permanent positions.

Resume Re-Submissions

Please note, do not apply for the same position with the same company through various online job boards. Once your resume is received by the Recruiter or Hiring Manager, it us under review. Flooded inboxes flooded with duplicate resumes may prolong the screening process. Refrain from any re-submissions as they are inefficient.

Job Search Conclusion

In conclusion, 2 tips on conducting a proper job search are:

  1. Determine your working standards prior to applying.
  2. Exhaust all job search outlets.

Using these 2 tips will efficiently allow you to conduct a job search for a position that is the best fit for you. Remember, mass applying to positions that have not been reviewed thoroughly, is inefficient. A proper job search is refined and properly thought through.

Job Search Discussion

What is your preferred method when applying for jobs? If it is online job boards, which one(s) and why? Leave a comment!

Now that you’re armed with these great tips, start your Job Search or if you’re ready Submit Your Resume

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Eve Mitchell
Eve Mitchell
1 year ago

My husband is looking for a new job with a shorter commute since we have a baby now. It’s good to know that you can specify your searches to local ones to find jobs with a short commute. I think something like that would be perfect so he can still spend a lot of time with the baby.